Zeolites are hydrated crystalline aluminosilicates of alkaline metals that have an infinite tri-dimensional crystalline structure.
These minerals are characterized by the ability to lose and gain water reversibly and to change some of their elements without significant changes in their structure.



Zeolites were discovered in 1756 by Freiherr Axel Frederick Cronstedt, a Swedish mineralogist, who named the mineral from the Greek words zéo (boil) and líthos (stone) meaning "boiling stones", an allusion to its peculiar bubbling when immersed in water.
Since then, approximately 50 species of natural zeolites have been recognized and more than 100 species have been synthesized in laboratory.
In the late 1950s, the World learned that zeolites were made up of many volcanic tufts that form deposits in ancient saline lakes of the American West or in thick deposits of marine tufts in Italy and Japan. Subsequently, more than 2000 distinct occurrences of natural zeolites have been recognized in more than 40 countries.
The high purity and the proximity to the surface of the sedimentary deposits brought an intense commercial interest. Many industrial applications have been developed based on the range of physical-chemical properties that the natural zeolite provides.
The wide range of applications of natural zeolites come from their potential as an ion exchanger, its high reversible adsorption capacity, and its characteristic as a natural molecular sieve, allowing its use in the decontamination of aggressive toxic substances. It is also capable of exchanging heavy metals, ammoniacal nitrogen, adsorbing iron and manganese and thus purifying drinking water or effluents to be properly released into the environment. Natural zeolites also play an important role in agriculture, to improve cropland, potentiating chemical and organic fertilizers, or as a component of substrates for the development of different crops. In the animal production industry, it is used as food additive for different species and in the treatment of productive facilities mainly in the fight against odors and vectors of contamination. Not less important, its applications in the powder detergent, asphalt, cement and also in human medicine industries have intensified interest in the development of zeolite-based products and technologies.
More and more technical work has been focused on product development, trying to give a technological nature to this so promising natural mineral and also to direct to the real business opportunities that tend to emerge in an even more sustainable future of technologies that are in harmony with nature.
In this scenario, Zeogroup stands out as a reference in the technical development of products, production and marketing. Our quality standards, practical results and high commercial customer service capacity at a global level makes us recognized as one of the most important natural zeolite companies in the world market.
Our history is marked by the year of 2002, when the structuring of the project to import, modify and commercialize products based on natural zeolites in Brazil began. This project was marked by important investments in the development of technologies and solutions for the various potential markets. Years later, this same business model was replicated in Portugal, later in Bolivia and finally in Italy and thus four companies with a total focus on the market for natural zeolite products were definitively established and occupying an important place in their territories: Celta Brasil, Zeocel Portugal, Celta Bolivia and Zeocel Italia
With the objective of using the strength of each company in search of a solid global action and willing for success, Zeogroup was born. A strategic alliance with the main challenge of guaranteeing greater control and access to the raw material, unifying the products, brands, visual identification, quality standards, technologies and commercial actions, as well as the continuous commitment in the technological development of products.
Guidance for the development of technological solutions, knowledge in processes of modification of natural zeolites and high capacity of global commercial service, brings to Zeogroup a prominent position in the market of this important and increasingly promising mineral. We proudly assume that we are one of the largest players in the world in the context of natural zeolites.



Strenghts of Zeogroup

  • Pioneering and experience in the development of technologies and markets for natural zeolites.
  • Performance in all stages of the process, from technological development, production and commercialization.
  • Own products and brands with exclusive technologies.
  • Extensive knowledge in technologies of modification of natural zeolites, also acting with agreements with Universities and Research Institutes to generate capacity of new developments.
  • Market knowledge to transform a technology to apply natural zeolites in a business and commercialize it according to the needs and opportunities identified in the market.
  • High commercial and operational capillarity, being able to act in the global market with high competitiveness of expansion in the business frontiers.
  • Solid product quality standards and operations aimed at ensuring the excellence of our business and customer satisfaction.
  • Active participation in the INZA (International Natural Zeolite Association) and IZA (International Zeolite Association) groups.



ZEOGROUP appears in 2016 as a result of the association of the companies Celta Brasil, Zeocel Portugal, Celta Bolivia and Zeocel Italia, companies with long years of experience in the technical development of products composed of natural zeolites, and their respective production and commercialization. Our quality standards, practical results and a high level of commercial service worldwide make us recognized as one of the most important natural zeolite companies in the world market.

Within this line of action, ZEOGROUP has four main business areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Animal Production
  • Water Treatment
  • Industry


Investing for ZEOGROUP is to develop solutions and offer resources that optimize results, but without forgetting our biggest commitment, ALL IN PERFECT HARMONY WITH NATURE.

ZEOGROUP ...Growing together!


Develop, produce and commercialize products in the areas of agriculture, animal production, water treatment and industry, ensuring the creation of added value and sustainability.

To be a world reference company, recognized as the best option for customers, employees, community and suppliers, due to the quality and sustainability of our products.


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Social responsibility
  • Respect for the Environment
  • Focus on results
  • Economic, social and environmental sustainability
  • Continuous improvement
  • Innovation
  • Cooperation
  • Ethic

QES Policy

ZEOGROUP seeks the continuous improvement of the products to its customers in the areas of agriculture, animal production, water treatment and industry. It also understands that the protection of the Environment, Safety and Health of employees, customers, suppliers and the surrounding society are essential values for the Company. In setting its quality, environment and safety policy, Zeogroup undertakes to comply with the following principles:

Quality - To satisfy the needs of our customers, providing them products and services that meet their expectations, and to continuously use technological advances in the improvement of our products;

Environment - Respect for natural resources, promoting sustainability. Adopt objective procedures to minimize environmental risks, always valuing prevention. Better environment, better quality of life and better quality of products;

Safety - Define procedures and implement measures that prevent accidents and aim at the safety of employees, customers and community that in some way have contact with our products.


  • To be a reference for the commercialization, production and technological development of the mineral ZEOLITE worldwide, being recognized as one of the most important players;
  • Develop products with high added value with a single objective: "protect the environment";
  • Obtain a consistent technical knowledge for the whole work team, and make it an important strategic force;
  • Develop strong customers and with penetration in international markets so that the divulgation is viral and can reach the market in its fullness.


  • International exchange of technical information - BRAZIL, CUBA, PORTUGAL and ITALY;
  • Active participation in INZA (International Natural Zeolite Association) and IZA (International Zeolite Association);
  • Markets working with Natural Zeolite: Agriculture, Water Treatment, Animal Production and Industry;
  • Innovative products;
  • Quality of processes and procedures;
  • Lack of direct competition;
  • Development of ecological products in order to guarantee the sustainability of the environment.


The strategic decision of Zeogroup to be partner of the first Zeolite Latin American Reference Center in São Paulo, Brazil, aims to develop technologies and disseminate the main applications of the mineral through professional training, and to demonstrate in a practical way its uses, aiming at the world-wide commercial technical growth, where developing the resources for optimizing results is the goal to be achieved, all in perfect harmony with nature!

Important personality of geological studies of Cuba, was in the former Czechoslovakia and USSR that he made his studies and obtained the maximum qualification in Geological Sciences, becoming an international reference for the development of technologies associated with the natural mineral Zeolite.
He was the author of the first geological prospecting and research project for Zeolite reserves in Cuba (Tasajeras-Piojillo) and coordinated the geological prospecting projects of Zeolites reserves in Carolina, La Conductora, Seibabo, LA Pulga and Chucho Rojas, Banao-Guasimal and Siguaney, in addition to helping methodologically the other investigations on this subject that were realized in Cuba.
He developed important discoveries on ionic composition in Zeolite reserves and carried out several studies on the lithological-technological characteristics and applicability of the mineral.
Represented Cuba in several international events on natural Zeolites and, at the moment, his works are references in the technical and marketing development for this mineral.


The strategic decision of Zeocel Portugal was to create the European Center for Natural Zeolites in Águeda - Portugal, in partnership with the first Latin American Zeolite Reference Center in São Paulo, Brazil, to develop technologies and disseminate the main applications of the mineral, through professional training and practical demonstration of their uses, aiming for technical and commercial growth throughout Europe and Africa, where developing the resources for optimization of results is the goal to be achieved, all in perfect harmony with nature!

The Reference Centers, besides gathering the most complete technical collection on the mineral aluminosilicate clinoptilolite zeolite, counts on experimental laboratories, coordinated by technicians of diverse areas, that realize tests and demonstrations about the wide range applications of the mineral:

  • Agriculture
  • Water Treatment
  • Animal Production
  • Industry